Throat Chakra Symbol Painting


Throat Chakra Symbol Painting

12×12 Canvas Painting

Hand Painted

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Throat Chakra Symbol Painting

Positioned between the head and heart, linking feeling and thought. The throat chakra is tied directly to the purification of the body, mind, and spirit. The symbol is oftentimes depicted as shades of radiant blue, the color of wisdom, faith, purification, and trust.

Throat chakra’s symbol meaning is one of sound, wisdom, and consciousness.

The crescent-shaped throat chakra image, imbedded in a circle, is inspired by the moon, purity, and cosmic sound and is surrounded by lotus petals.

One explanation of the significance of these elements is their relationship to the ultimate goal of meditation — to blend with Akasha to achieve higher consciousness. The transcendence of human consciousness is itself an act of purification. In order to achieve that level of purification, the throat chakra must be open and balanced.

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Throat Chakra

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