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Have you ever walked into a space and felt drained,  bad vibes or like you wanted to turn around and leave? You are experiencing is the vibration of energy contained there and for better or worse, it can be inviting or repulsive to all who enter. Have you ever gone into a home or room and just felt at such peace and immediately comfortable? This is because this room was holding on to harmonious energy, and had possibly been deliberately cleared and filled with love and light by the people who dwell there.

All houses and buildings of some age carry the energy of the previous occupants and can affect how you feel in the house, your family relationships and your health. Inside of a home or space with poor energy flow that has never, or rarely, has its space cleared, these disharmonious energies can build up really quickly and become stored in the space. 

Etheric energy from previous occupants, not necessarily the last occupants, may have been left behind and absorbed into the walls lingering in the atmosphere. Some people may pick up these negative vibrations and be affected by them causing anger, depression, moodiness and fatigue. This can lead to tension and anxiety within family relationships feeding the negative environment allowing it to flourish. Some extreme cases have created actual physical disease in the occupants and been the cause of relationship breakdown.

The place we live and work in, directly reflects the energy we carry. Since the walls absorb our energy, the space may still be weighed down even after you have healed. It is therefore a good idea to cleanse your living spaces regularly, especially after someone has been ill, or if the family has gone through a difficult time. Clearing an area can greatly improve the energetic quality and it can also transform the lives of its inhabitants over time.



Times To Sage Smudge Your Home

When You move into a new Home or Office                      

After an illness or sickness

If There’s Been a arguments or emotional disagreements 

After a breakup or divorce 

Before bringing new antiques or items into the home

After company with negative or strong emotional energy 

A couple of times a year to remove daily stresses that build up in the home

To remove tensions between coworkers 

When trying to sell your home, office or property

Sage Cleansing or Smudging Will Help

  • Feel more calm and peaceful in your home or office
  • Bless and support new beginnings and fresh starts 
  • Sleep better
  • Help children to feel more safe and comfortable in a new or existing home
  • Prepare house for sale and improve sales potential
  • Have clear positive energy for a fresh start 
  • Clear and protect space from outside influences
  • Space and land feel more harmonious and calm

During a sage cleansing you will be asked to declutter the area before the appointment. All cabinets, drawers and closets doors are to be opened. Sage and or incense is burned going into each room throughout the property. Special oils, salt, salt water and prayers are used to remove negative energy and seal and bless the space. Lastly each room is filled with Reiki Healing Energy to reinforce the space with love, light and positivity. You will also learn some simple tools to use to keep the energy in your home or office calm, harmonious and clear.

The price to have your home/space cleansed and blessed depends on the size. Prices start at $150.00. Call or email me today for a consultation.   Call Today

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