Reiki Master Symbol Painting


Dai Ko Myo Reiki Master Symbol Painting

16 x 20 Canvas

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Dai Ko Myo Reiki Master Symbol Painting

Hand Crafted Reiki Master Symbol Painting On a 16 x 20 Canvas. Dai Ko Myo is one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki that can be used only by Reiki Masters.  The power of the Reiki Master symbol combines the power of the first three symbols. Dai Ko Myo is the symbol with the highest vibration and is therefore most transformative at the spiritual level. Using this symbol helps enhance the healing of the soul as the energies are sent to the more subtle layers of the aura and upper chakras. When the spiritual soul is healed, the mental and physical get healed automatically.

When the individual symbols of the Reiki mater symbol are translated, it symbolizes the energy it carries. While “Dai” means great or big and “Ko” means smooth or glossy, the word “Myo” means bright light. The symbol also translated to evident or clear and is a verb for knowing or understanding. The Dai Ko Myo basically means “Great Enlightenment” or “Bright Shining Light”. This Reiki symbol represents inner knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

This would be a great addition to healing practices or to enhance any space.


Clear satin acrylic protector is applied to prevent deterioration from heat and humidity over time.  

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