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serene healing reiki studio

Serene Healing Reiki Studio is a holistic healing studio offering a variety natural healing methods. We take a personalized approach with every person customizing each session to your individual needs. We use a variety of gentle yet powerful methods such as Reiki, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy and Crystals.

We help with any obstacles your suffering from. We address everything physical, emotional, mental or spiritual from a holistic standpoint, looking to treat the cause not the symptoms. Whether your just looking to relax, spiritual growth, PTSD, or chronic illness we take the time to understand in detail to design a planned approach that suits your needs.

Energy healing goes to the source of the problem removing the imbalance freeing your body to heal itself. There is no harmful chemical medications that only mask the issue or make it worse due to side effects.

Sessions are a relaxing, comfortable and educational experience which improve daily life. Are you ready for a change? Ready to improve your quality of life and overall sense of well-being? If you would like to finally experience health and wellness that is not scary or painful, while not feeling like just a number we would love to meet you. You can learn in-depth about the different energy healing methods used by clicking on the services button above. Please feel free to call/text or email with any questions you may have. Now you can even schedule your appointment online!

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We want to help you feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. That’s why we are now offering FDA approved non-invasive body sculpting solutions. Treatments are pain free and you see results instantly. Learn more by clicking on the body sculpting services tab.

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Did You Know? It’s Scientifically Proven that Sound has an effect on Cancer Cells?

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor spiritual healing chakra balancingExperimenting with various acoustic sounds including the human voice, gong, acoustical guitar and xylophone, he found the vibrations actually transformed the cell structure. The human voice produced the most dramatic results – exploding cancer cells and energizing healthy ones; however, the rich overtones of the gong being played for 21 minutes also caused the cancer cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a leading oncologist who has pioneered new strategies for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Dr. Gaynor, author of the book “The Healing Power of Sound”, actively used sound in his integrative oncology practice. Read more on this   

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Scientific Proof Of Reiki

Scientists try to find a way to prove Reiki works. They looked at water under a microscope. After 30 minutes of giving the glass of tap water Reiki they found that the water resembled natural spring water (the healthiest water). In a water quality test with a scale of 6-1, six being the worst and one being the best the water was rated a 3. After the 30 minutes of Reiki it also went up 1.5 points to 2.5. Making the water healthier. Your body is made up mostly of water based on this test alone you can imagine what Reiki can do for you. 

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scientific proof of reiki

Are you suffering from obstacles in your life?  Physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually that are preventing you from living the life you wish you were? Are you suffering with chronic pain or  P.T.S.D? Or do you have anxiety that causes you to miss opportunities and not enjoy things the way you could be? Maybe you’re not sure why you feel the way you do.  Are you ready to change your quality of life and overall sense of well-being? If so we would love to meet you!

We are Centrally located for all of Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are in the Slater Mill just off of highway 395 in Jewett City. Feel Free To Stop In to talk About Any Questions You Have, or To Shop Many Of Our All Natural Vegan Bath and Body Products, Chakra Jewelry, Candles and Much More!