Biofield Tuning Helps:   

  • Reduce Pain
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Stress
  • Induces Relaxation
  • PTSD
  • Relieves Depression
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Addiction
  • Restless Leg Syndrome








Biofield Tuning

The biofield tuning technique uses tuning forks in the biofield, or aura, an acoustic field of inaudible sound that surrounds the human body about five or six feet away from the body. Different areas of the field store information related to different emotions, relationships and time periods. The chronology of the field is like the rings in a tree that reflects the history of the organism, with birth starting on the outer edge of the field and moving into the current age. Forks are used both diagnostically and therapeutically to locate and correct distortions in the body’s energy field, or biofield by identifying and amplifying the resonance of stuck energy of emotional memories.

The densities that are ‘combed’ relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes. Some of the most common causes of energy knots I’ve seen in clients include: Breached birth, parents’ divorce, physical or emotional abuse, death of loved ones, physical trauma or ailments, accidents (e.g. car), relationship breakups, and particularly stressful periods (e.g. school/work/war).

Our bodies resemble an energetic antenna or amplifier, in the way it receives and transmits frequency or vibrations. Being fully hydrated for you session in very important as the sound frequencies move through the water in your body.

This sound healing method is a non-medical therapeutic method. It uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biofield, (Aura) that surrounds the human body to induce deep targeted relaxation and healing.

Since everything in the body is in motion, and everything in motion produces pressure waves into the surrounding environment, it makes sense that there is actually an acoustic field of inaudible sound around each individual. 

The overtones and undertones produced by the tuning forks interface, like sonar, with these acoustic emanations of the body and act as a sort of invisible decoder to locate areas of noise in the signal. 

Sensations Felt When Blocks Release

  • Sensation of hot or cold
  • Involuntary muscle twitch
  • Sudden Sadness/Joy
  • Tingling
  • Energy

Some people feel different sensations at different sessions. It all depends on the individual and their sensitivity as well as the block being released. Even if you do not feel anything that does not mean that the session was unsuccessful. A lot of people are so relaxed they are not even aware of the sensations. 

Biofield Tuning 

60 Minute Session $100.00

90 Minute Session $140.00

Distance 60 Min. Session $90.00 

Adrenal Reset

45 Minute Session $59.99

Combo Session

60 Minute Session $84.99

Include Reiki, Biofield Tuning, Acutonics and Singing Bowls in one session. Methods used are based on individual needs.

***All First Time Appointments of One Hour or Longer Receive 20% Off***

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Biofield Tuning Sessions

Biofield Sessions provide a holistic approach for health and wellness.  Trauma, stress, and beliefs system blocks can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies impacting our ability to function at our full potential. These blocks obstruct the vital flow of energy though our body and energy systems necessary for health and well-being. Overtime, this leads to illness and deletes our emotional reserve. Sound healing through Biofield Tuning helps to restore these vital flows improving overall well-being.

Biofield tuning can be done in-person – with the recipient lying on my massage table – or remotely no matter where in the world you’re located.

In the world of energy, intention is king. A mental energy hologram of you is placed on the table, and a session is performed in the same way as if you were physically here. Clients that have received remote sessions have reported similar results as in-person clients, so there’s no doubt in our minds that remote sessions are just as effective as in-person ones.


During a session a tuning fork slowly ran through different parts of the biofield, to find places where the energy is thick or dense. When areas of ‘stuck’ energy are found, I will communicate the age and associated emotional signatures based on the biofield anatomy map developed by Eileen McKusick (biofield tuning founder) as a reference and intuitive information I receive. The fork is kept on each resistant part, striking the fork again and again to keep the vibrations going, until the resistance reduces and disappears. This process is known as “entrainment”.  Basically by putting my vibrating fork on the congested energy or energy block, I’m gradually making them vibrate at the same high frequency, thus unraveling them. The energy is now healthy again and reintegrated into the healthy flowing energy.

biofield tuning

Tuning Forks work by affecting the vibrational frequency of body and surrounding energetic field. Sound healing therapy works by changing the vibration of a person similar to how Dr. Emoto changed the vibrational frequency of water. From Masaru Emoto’s study on water through more than tens of thousands of water crystal photos that his laboratory has taken, we have learned that positive intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water beautifully, on the other hands, negative intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water negatively. If placing a label with a positive or negative name on a glass of water can do so much, imagine what it can do when the human body is made up of 70% water



Did You Know? Its Been Scientifically Proven Sound Effects Cancer Cells?

Experimenting with various acoustic sounds including the human voice, gong, acoustical guitar and xylophone, he found the vibrations actually transformed the cell structure. The human voice produced the most dramatic results – exploding cancer cells and energizing healthy ones; however, the rich overtones of the gong being played for 21 minutes also caused the cancer cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.  Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a leading oncologist who has pioneered new strategies for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Dr. Gaynor, author of the book “The Healing Power of Sound”, actively used sound in his integrative oncology practice. Read the entire interview here. 

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