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From Some Of Our Amazing Clients



Testimonials Serene Healing Reiki Studio

Candice is a kind and caring professional. She really takes the time to listen and asks thoughtful questions. If are you wanting to try Reiki, try Candice. You won’t be disappointed!

Alice A.


Testimonials Serene Healing Reiki Studio

Being new to the holistic world, I didn’t know what to expect, and was quite anxious. Candice was so helpful in easing me in to the process. She explained to me what was going on and took me through the process, so I could feel safer and more knowledgeable. It was so relaxing and Candice helped me understand certain issues that I was having in my life and how to deal with them. She is kind-hearted and really friendly. I can’t wait to go to my next session with her!

Jena L.


Testimony Serene Healing Reiki Studio

I truly enjoy going to Candice she is absolutely amazing and patient. She takes the time to listen to me. I had back pain for a long time and tried everything. I pretty much tried this as a last resort and never expected to not feel pain again and was amazed that I felt a difference after one session. People have noticed and comment on how happy I am. Give it a try. The pain and grayness I felt was lifted with one session. I walked out of there seeing things bright and after my second session it was even more amazing I was overcome with such a beautiful happy feeling. Give Candice a call your happiness is worth it!

Steve C.





I am so happy I met Candice and decided to schedule a session with her. I was skeptical at first about these types of methods but it was the best decision I made. I had been dealing with a lot of pain for most of my life and in general I thought I was a pretty happy positive person. I go on a regular basis and I do not have any pain and now realize what being at peace is really like. Candice is amazing, she makes you feel completely comfortable and genuinely cares for people always doing more then her job to help me. If you are looking to alternative therapies then I would not call anyone else.

Heather B.






“There are times in our life when we need the help and assistance of someone who is a healing practitioner. Not only is Candice that, but she is so much more; she is a compassionate healer, a intelligent and well-read being, thorough and meticulous, and just so lovingly hilarious – she cracks me up! Do you know many practitioners who are that? I don’t! Candice is an amazing woman/teacher/healer who is humble, tenacious and oozes love and grace. I was honored that I met her! I am also studying sound therapy and will be taking her tuning fork class.

She is a powerful and honest practitioner who throws her whole self into each session. I quite honestly don’t know how she does it sometimes.  She’s graceful, enthusiastic, and sometimes just darn mind blowing. She is a true professional with tremendous knowledge that you will be grateful for. If you’re thinking about a session don’t think twice she’s the best in town. Thank you Candice for all you do and everything you have taught me – I am honored to be walking this path with you as my healer and teacher.”

Vicki S.



serene healing reiki studio testimony



“Very clean and relaxing atmosphere, the owner really takes the time to listen to you so she can perform the most accurate treatment, she cares about her clients well being, her products are amazing, I have Discoed Lupus and I get all of my soaps, and locations from her…I had pain running down the back of my leg and by the time I was done with my session with her I was pain free, my husband went in for back pain and he walked away pain free, he will also be returning as well.”

“Love Love Love This Place”

Jen G.





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“I love this place. Candice is so kind, empathetic and a excellent listener. Her reiki room is so calm, inviting and has a soothing energy. She shares her intuition generously to help you find perspective and healing. I’ve been seeing her for 3 years now and make regular appointments as part of my healthy lifestyle improvement plan.

Thank you for everything you’ve done”

Jasmine D.














“I went there honestly not expecting much. I am amazed at how much my life has improved. It has effected so many areas of my life all in great ways. My attitude, emotions and overall outlook is so positive and peaceful. My sessions are a must have now.

Best decision I ever made!”

Linda N.



“I found Candice on Google looking to try out reiki. Based on her reviews I booked my appointment. I am so happy I did. She is so kind, caring and made me feel comfortable.  She took  as much time as I needed to answer all my questions and explain everything. I have already scheduled  my next six appointments. If your looking to try out reiki or anything go here you’ll be happy you did”

Sarah C.


crystal grids serene healing reiki studio Jewett City CT

“Working with Candice is fantastic. Her office is beautiful, she has a warm and friendly personality and the treatments leave me feeling energetic, happy and younger! At first I was skeptical of how these treatments would improve my skin. I have had a series of customized facials that have given me both immediate and long lasting results. I especially wanted to address a sense of congestion I felt in my face – what felt like stagnant energy that I had not been able to shift with any other modality (traditional facial, lymph massage, micro-current or diet/supplementation). The custom facials with the tuning forks “woke up” my face, reducing puffiness and improving my complexion. I saw results from the first treatment. A wonderful added benefit is the sense of deep relaxation and stress relief that accompanies each treatment. It’s addicting – in a good way!”

Blaire S