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All Natural Seven Chakra Soap Set

Get All Your Favorites now in one Chakra Soap Set at one Low Price! With the added bonus of a bar of Charcoal Soap.

These soaps are created for having a positive effect on your energy fields and the vibrations of your environment. They are handcrafted based on research and sciences of aromatherapy, color and spiritual therapy. They give your body a boost and help blocked or unbalanced chakras to heal. It is an endeavor to help you to start or wind up the day with a holistic bathing experience.

Have your next energy cleansing “me time” scheduled with one of this amazing chakra soap set. Each one depicting a chakra symbol corresponding with color and essential oils to enhance ultimate energetic benefits. These soaps are carefully handcrafted and oil selected according to each chakras needs and function. It’s all about intention and washing away what no longer serves you!

Grounding Root Chakra Soap

Creativity Sacral Chakra Soap

Purpose Solar Plexus Chakra Soap

Love Heart Chakra Soap

Expression Throat Chakra Soap

Intuition Third Eye Chakra Soap

Connection Crown Chakra Soap

Charcoal Detoxifying Soap

The aroma of essential oils are sure to awaken your each Chakra along with ultra moisturizing Shea Butter, Argan and Coconut oils will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. With the added bonus of Reiki Healing Energy you can’t go wrong with this soap.

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