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Good Vibes Smokeless Smudge Oil

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Good Vibes Smokeless Smudge Oil

Good Vibes Sage Smokeless Smudge Oil is a smoke free alternative for cleansing. This liquid smudge oil is handcrafted using a combination of the Moon and charged with Reiki. A beautiful blend for creating an environment filled with peace, tranquility and serenity. With just a few drops, you can turn your space into an ideal setting for relaxation, meditation, or contemplation. 

Discover the pure alternative to burning sage. Whether you need to change the energy or just lighten the air, the wonderful aroma of this oil creates a clean and blessed atmosphere. This quick and easy smudge oil uses only a traditional plant blend of Sage Palo Santo, and Clary Sage essential oils for energy cleansing and ritual use. Use it to anoint yourself, your space, or your items to bring smoke-free cleansing and clearing at any time.

 This is a wonderful white sage smudge oil to use to clear and bring light into the luminous energy field. The oil of white sage is also a stimulant for the nervous system, metabolism, and vital energy centers. 

To use: Roll on to pulse areas such as wrists or neck. Can also be applied to lava bead bracelets or in diffusers. Use before meditation, yoga, energy sessions, before bed, or for general use anywhere. Keep a bottle at the workplace, glove-box, purse, it is useful everywhere. Shake gently and lightly roll on for positive energy and feelings.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, White Sage Infused Alcohol, Essential Oils of Palo Santo, lavender Clary Sage, Himalayan Salt, Crystals

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