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Grounding Root Chakra Candles

These solid red root chakra candles are excellent for balancing your root chakra or Muladhara. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is responsible for your sense of security, safety and survival. It is associated with basic needs as food, shelter, sleep and material safety. The first chakra is the main and fundamental center of energy in our body. Its function is to provide the source of prana for other chakras. Its your connection to earth and all the other chakras. It activates, clears and strengthens the foundation of physical and spiritual energy in the body.

If your root chakra is too closed (or blocked) it might be very hard to feel safe in the world and every decision in your life looks like a potential risk. Very often a person with blocked first chakra is under control of their own fear. On the other hand when your root chakra is overactive then fear might turn into paranoia or greed.

The Aroma of Myrrh, Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood will promote grounding and stability in to your root chakra. This will leave you feeling grounded, secure, strong and at ease with the world around you. Restore your body back to its original natural harmonic resonance with consistent use and positive intent. This root chakra candle will help you keep the proper balance in your first chakra.

Use this chakra candle to balance you root chakra, enhance your healing or spiritual practice, during meditation or to just create a relaxing environment

All candles come with information on the chakra and directions for use.

We keep a low stock quantity and make new batches weekly to insure you get the freshest products possible. All regular stock products are handmade in the U.S.A. There are no machines used to the finest quality from our detailed attention.



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Root Chakra

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