Chakra Hamsa Earrings

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Dazzling Chakra Hoop Earrings

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Healing Gemstone Chakra Hamsa Earrings

Healing Gemstone  Chakra Hamsa Earrings were designed to help balance, align and cleanse your seven major chakras. These rainbow earrings contain chakra cleansing stones associated with each of your chakras.

Every chakra is associated with major organs or directed related to physical parts of the body that effect overall health. If any of the chakras are blocked the energy cannot flow freely, causing emotional or physical ailments. It is vital to keep these chakras clear to allow the body to function as it was designed. The chakras can become blocked by stress, negative thoughts or experiences, diet and lack of exercise.

The hamsa and evil eye are found in many traditions, including yoga and Hinduism. The term “hamsa” refers to the five fingers and is drawn as a right hand with an open palm. The hamsa symbol is considered to bring luck, strength and protection. Many people even combine it with the evil eye symbol to counteract harmful effects. In many traditions, the evil eye represents the threat of jealous and malevolent stares that can be harmful to one’s health, property and prosperity.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle. Chakras are energy centers in the body that draw from a life-force known as Prana. As they spin, each chakra exerts influence over different aspects of a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. These sparkling gemstone earrings are a dazzling display of the body’s seven major chakras.

Handcrafted these colorful earrings combine a medley of Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Magnesite, Tigers Eye, and Aventurine with Stainless hooks.

All the earrings are charged with the healing energy of Reiki before shipment.

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