Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings

I am excited to announce I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Theresa Mastrangelo who will be now be offering intuitive readings. She is honest and talented with her gift, so whether your looking for guidance or spiritual connection she will work with you to help you find answers.

Meet Theresaintuitive readings

My gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience clairsentience, and claircognizance (“Four Clairs”) and strong empathy started at age six. I communicate directly with Angels and Spirit Guides to help empower clients to bring forth clarity and achieve happiness, via phone, chat, video messaging or in person. I’ve participated in numerous psychic fairs in Rhode Island and Florida and have read for clients all across the Eastern Seaboard. My readings are deeply insightful, telling, and healing.  I specialize in areas such as personality, relationships, and understanding karmic debt. I present a fully comprehensive reading that ensures clients leave more enlightened.

Intuitive Readings Offered

Four Clairs Readings:

Four Clair’s Reading will provide invaluable insight about your past, present and/or future through extrasensory perception. I will psychically access answers and information through one or more of the following abilities; Clairvoyance: through visualizations, such as seeing images, Clairsentience: feeling pronounced energies, emotions, answers and knowledge. Clairaudience: hearing messages and answers, Claircognizance: tapping into an inner knowing used to decode messages and answers from the universe.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings (27 Decks):

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings are a combination of guidance using one or more tarot or oracle decks and extrasensory awareness. When used together, the cards provide clarity and answers to your innermost questions. Decks are chosen according to the client’s energy channeled through empathy.

Pendulum Readings:

Pendulum Readings, when ordered individually are quick and accurate and $22 readings. Yes, No, or Maybe answers to your questions will be revealed by the direction my trusted pendulum sways.

Past-Life Karma Identification:

Past-Life Karma Identification Readings illuminate the purpose of the person in question. Unlike Relationship Love Type Readings, the karmic identity of any person in your circle, whether a boss, sibling, or another non-lover individual. This reading provides clarity and understanding as to why this person is a part of your life, and how to appreciate the connection or reconcile the karma. This reading is particularly helpful when dealing with someone you’d rather not.

Relationship Love Type Readings (Lesson or Lovers):

Relationship Love Type Readings reveal whether your person of interest is karmic lesson or lifetime lover. This reading can be made part of a Four Clairs and Tarot Reading, upon request. You may also purchase separately, as a quick yes or no answer for $11.

Soul Calling Readings (Life Purpose/Career):

Soul Calling Readings are an optimal way to discover yourself. The reading will present circumstances regarding your soul’s/life’s purpose. Whether changing careers, relationships, or homes, you will receive insight on current and past challenges and/or energies influencing your path. Details will also include any pending life lessons and deep emotional desires and indicate if you are in a transition period or ready for the next step.

Life Expectancy Readings (Only by request):

This reading answers the question of will he/she pass or will anyone near and dear to me die soon. I will connect with aura of the person in question and detect whether their energy is present in the physical realm or nearing departure.

Pregnancy Gender Revelations:

Pregnancy Gender Revelation Readings predict the sex of your unborn child.

Reincarnation Identification:

Reincarnation Identification Readings reveal the identity of a soul or souls known to you in this life, or in priors, who have departed and since been reborn in different bodies, through the process known as reincarnation. The reading will detail who the person of your past has reincarnated to be in the present.


60 Min. Session $60 

Unless Stated Otherwise Above

Session Can Be Done Remotely Or In Person

To Schedule A Appointment Please

Text: (401)787-2890